Welcome to my on-line gallery

I am an Australian watercolour (watercolor) artist, though I also work with other mediums such as Pen and Ink and Pastel.

I have been painting with watercolour for over twenty years and am more passionate about it now than ever. Watercolours when done well are hard to beat. They have a fluid, spontaneous quality speaking of confidence, skill and a clear message of what the artist wanted to say.

While primarily self taught, over the years I have had the pleasure of studying under some wonderful tutors at workshops I have attended, three of these artists include Joseph Zbukvic, Greg Allen and Alvaro Castagnet.

In addition to this site I have one other: www.paintingwithwatercolors.com. It is a watercolour demonstration and information resource for my students and anyone interested in the skills required to paint watercolours.

I run weekly online art lessons, specialising in watercolour.

I hope you enjoy browsing. Please come back from time to time to see what I am up to.