Welcome to my on-line gallery

I am an Australian watercolour (watercolor) artist, though I also work with other mediums such as Pen and Ink and Pastel.

I have been painting with watercolour for over twenty years and am more passionate about it now than ever. Watercolours when done well are hard to beat. They have a fluid, spontaneous quality speaking of confidence, skill and a clear message of what the artist wanted to say.

While primarily self taught, over the years I have had the pleasure of studying under some wonderful tutors at workshops I have attended, three of these artists include Joseph Zbukvic, Greg Allen and Alvaro Castagnet.

In addition to this site I two others. The first is: www.paintingwithwatercolors.com. It is a watercolour demonstration and information resource for my students and anyone interested in the skills required to paint watercolours. I also have a blog which has useful tips and other information you may be interested in. The blog is:  www.paintingwithwatercolors.com/blog

I run weekly art lessons, specialising in watercolour, my classes are held at the Nepean Art Society, at Penrith (on the outskirts of Western Sydney near the Lower Blue Mountains), in addition I conduct a number of workshops at various venues.

I hope you enjoy browsing. Please come back from time to time to see what I am up to.